Board Of Veterans' Appeals

The Board of Veterans' Appeals (BVA) makes final decisions on appeals on behalf of the Secretary of Veterans Affairs. A claimant may be represented by a veterans service organization, an agent or an attorney. The board reviews fee agreements between appellants and attorneys or agents. The Board also determines whether attorneys are eligible for payment of fees from a claimant's past-due benefits. Appellants have the right to present their case in person to a board member at a hearing in Washington, DC, or at a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) regional office.

United States Court Of Veterans' Appeals

A VA claim may be appealed from the Board of Veterans' Appeals to the Court of Veterans Appeals. This Court is independent of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Only claimants may seek a review by the Court; VA may not appeal BVA decisions. To appeal to the court, the claimant must have filed a Notice of Disagreement on or after November 18, 1988. The notice of appeal must be filed with the Court with a postmark that is within 120 days after the Board of Veterans' Appeals mails its final decision.