A church can provide programs for all age groups and can offer both active participation and passive observation. A church can also create a "sense of community" through its secular as well as its sacred programs.

Bennet has only one church in the town, a community church, which is a union of three denominations: Methodist, Presbyterian and Church of Christ. The Community Church serves a large sector of Bennet residents, with a membership of approximately 350 and an average attendance of about 85.

Remodeling to the Church

The church building itself is an unusual facility. It was known as the "South Church", and in 1955 was moved to its present site where the "North Church" once stood. Extensive remodeling was done at that time, which included adding an educational unit and a brick exterior. The building is well maintained and is in excellent condition. Total land area for the church site is about one quarter acre.

Other Religious FacilitiesCemetery Entrance

There are other religious facilities in the rural Bennet area. Country Bible Church, located approximately four miles southwest of Bennet, has an average attendance of 200. The Trinity Lutheran Church, located approximately 5 miles north of Bennet, has a membership of 500 and an average attendance of 150.

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