Aging Partners Areawide Advisory Council


The membership of the Advisory Council shall come from the current signatory members to Aging Partners as of July 1, each year. The membership is based in part on the proportional relationship of each county's 60 plus population and shall be as follows:

Each county shall be entitled to one representative. Additionally, each county shall be entitled to one additional representative for each group of 4,000 aged 60 plus residents. Counties with less than 4,000 60 plus population will have at least one additional representative. At least half of each county's representatives to the Advisory Council must be age 60 or older.


The Advisory Council exists as an advisory body to:

  • Aging Partners and to its signatory member counties
  • the appointed and elected officials of the local governing units within the eight-county "planning and service area" (PSA)
  • to groups and organizations whose interest, service, or regulation, in whole or in part, affect the lives and interests of older persons
  • the advisory and governing arms of the Aging Network at both state and national levels

The Advisory Council's actions shall take the form of recommendations. Execution of the Advisory Council's recommendations rests with the appropriate local, state or national officials or organization directors.


Appointment of representatives to the Aging Partners Advisory Council shall be the responsibility of each county's elected governing board providing, however, that the representatives of the Primary County shall be appointed by the Mayor of the City of Lincoln with the concurrence of the Lincoln City Council.