From 1871 to 1889 children of the district attended school in District 81 located Davey Schoolhouse in 1923 with a class of childrenacross the road from the Danish Cemetery on Highway 77. In 1889 a one-room school was built in Davey with Miss Magie O'Connor as the first teacher. There were between 50 and 60 students enrolled. In 1919 this building was replaced by a three-room building with a partial basement and the ninth and tenth graders were added. The following year the eleventh grade was added, and by 1933 the twelfth grade was in place.

FUN Club

Mr. EB. Ogden, principal during 1933 to 1934 recognized the need for more recreation among the young adults of the community and organized the FUN Club which raised money to construct a tennis court. Because of decreased enrollment, Davey discontinued high school in the fall of 1942 and reverted to a one teacher eight grade school. In 1950 Districts 81 and 82 consolidated with Davey District 131 to become District 149. The school continued until 1969 when Davey consolidated with the Raymond Central District. The former school building was sold and moved and is now a four plex.

Raymond Central School District

The city of Davey is part of the Raymond Central School District. The Raymond Central School District is a Class C-2 School District located just north of Lincoln in Lancaster County. The district covers approximately 169 square miles. Since a consolidation effort in 1967 combined the communities of Davey, Raymond, Ceresco, Valparaiso and Agnew, a constant student population has been maintained.

About the School

The school facilities are located near the geographic center of the school district. The school site is approximately five miles north of Davey. All students are eligible for school bus transportation.

The facilities include a kindergarten through fifth grade facility located in Ceresco, a kindergarten through sixth grade facility located in Valparaiso, and a seventh through twelfth grade facility located almost in the center of the district off Agnew Road.