Other Local Criminal Justice Systems

There were other noteworthy changes in personalties within our local criminal justice system during 1998. A new Chief Justice was appointed (John Hendry replacing C. Thomas White who retired), a new City Prosecutor was appointed (John McQuinn replacing Norm Langemach) and 2 new County Commissioners were selected and elected (Bernie Heier was appointed to replace Darlene Tussing who resigned and Bob Workman was elected to a four year term in November).

The Lancaster County Indigent Defense Advisory Committee received a new member with the appointment of Andrew Strotman to replace Jim Bausch, whose term expired. Finally, Dave Jones, a long time Juvenile Court probation officer and a strong advocate for youth, retired in the summer of 1998.


The budget process brought expansion, much of it related to the Juvenile Court. Two new contracts for the Abuse/Neglect cases were authorized and an additional staff attorney position in the Public Defender's Office was approved. The new staff attorney position in the Juvenile Division of our Office was necessitated because of a significant increase in law violation case filings. Without the addition of this attorney position, our ability to accept appointments in new Abuse/Neglect cases would have been seriously hampered. A new felony paralegal position was approved but the position had not been filled by the end of the year.