Rural Business Address Committee

In February of 2013, the Lancaster County Board was contacted by 911 Emergency Services regarding a public safety issue involving the lack of address signs for businesses located in the vicinity of Saltillo Road and Highway 77. Specifically, a Lancaster County Sheriff deputy was dispatched to a business located at the address of 1066 Saltillo Road. Upon arrival at the scene, the deputy was unable to find the property in question. The business was located on a one-third-mile-long private drive serving multiple businesses, with a range of addresses from 1000 to 1082 Saltillo Road. An aerial photograph of this area is included with this report as Attachment A (PDF).

Address signs are not posted at the entrance to the private drive nor at the individual businesses. Based on these facts, a request was made to post blue address signs at the entrance to the private drive. Recognizing that the lack of address signs for rural businesses is a county-wide public safety issue, the County Board organized a committee to examine the question and make a recommendation on a policy governing business addresses.

  1. Members
  2. Background
  3. Discussion
  4. Recommendations

Committee Members

Committee members were selected based on their knowledge of the rural address system, direct involvement in the provision of emergency response services, and familiarity with laws and regulations relating to public safety issues. Based on these qualifications, the following City of Lincoln and Lancaster County employees were selected to serve on the Committee:

  • Brittany Behrens, Deputy Lancaster County Attorney
  • Arlynn Brunke, Computer and GIS Support Assistant for the Lancaster County Engineer's Office
  • Kerry Eagan, Chief Administrative Officer to the Lancaster County Board
  • Tara Garza, Emergency Services Dispatcher II/Tech Support for 911 Emergency Services
  • Terry Kathe, Zoning Coordinator for the City of Lincoln Building and Safety Department
  • Doug Pillard, Design Division Head for the Lancaster County Engineer's Office
  • Ryan Schmuecker, Lancaster County Deputy Sheriff
  • John Watson, Deputy Lancaster County Attorney

Support Staff

  • Minette Genuchi, Administrative Aide to the Lancaster County Board