Historical Background

School Building

In 1864 school was held in a dugout on the former Albert Carlson farm east of Raymond. Charles and Olive White used their new home as a subscription school in 1869. The students boarded with the White's during the week and Mrs. White was the teacher. The children cut wood to pay their tuition and slept in the attic of the log cabin.

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In 1871 a school was organized and classes were held in an unused granary. A building was constructed one mile south of town in 1864. There was 54 pupils between the ages of 5 and 21 by 1875. The county superintendent designated the school as District 19 in Lancaster County in 1881.

Initial Additions

By 1893 a one-story two-room wooden building was erected in town. Enrollment in 1901 was 104 students. That same year a second story was added to the building, making a total of four rooms. The ninth and tenth graders were also added to the existing eighth graders.

In 1902 the band was reorganized. In 1909 the eleventh grade became part of the school as did the twelfth grade in 1919. There were two members of the graduation class. Petitions were circulated in 1921 to build a new brick structure but the proposition was voted down. In 1923 the school building was modernized. A gymnasium was added in 1926 and completed in 1927.

First School Paper

The seniors of 1927 were the first to print a school paper called the Goldenrod. That year the Raymond High School Pep Club was started. In 1928 the Raymond athletic team was called the Mules.

Tennis Courts

There was a total enrollment of 140 students in 1935. New bells and buzzers were added to the school to facilitate the calling of classes. Wire netting backstops were added at each of the tennis courts on the west side of the school building. Nine boys and six girls reported out for tennis. The school colors were purple and white.

Stage Remodel

In 1973 the stage was remodeled. A new lighting system, drop and scenery, and drapes were purchased. The basement of the school was flooded in 1940 when the water supply tank burst. A hole was cut in the south wall to remove the tank. Double doors were then installed.

School Lunch

The Presbyterian Church served the first month of school lunch to the school children in 1941.

First Annual

In 1948 the first annual was published. It was called the Goldenrod, the same name used for the school newspaper. In 1950 the annual name was changed to Panther Pranks. The first "R" Club was also organized for girls and boys who lettered in sports. The school enrollment at this time was 88 students.


In 1953 89 students was enrolled and the first athletic field owned by the school was purchased. The school paper changed its name from Goldenrod to the Raymond Hi Liter.

One of the best athletic performances for a Raymond High School came in 1958. The boys basketball team was the Class E State Runner-up.


In 1961 it was decided to close the high school. The tax base was too small to finance a high school and enrollment had steadily dropped since 1940. High School students from the Raymond area attended either Valparaiso or Ceresco the following fall, and kindergarten through 8th grade continued in Raymond. There were about 100 students.

By 1966 the school board voted to merge with Valparaiso and Ceresco into the new District 161. The seventh and eighth-grade students left the Raymond building and attended school at Valparaiso or Ceresco and the following year seventh through twelfth graders moved into their new school building at the former Nike Missile site east of Agnew.

By the 1973 to 1974 school year, the school board voted to completely close the Raymond school. An auction was held in June of 1974 and the building was sold and later torn down. The town acquired the land and installed a tennis court, basketball court, and play area.