In the early 1900s Raymond bought a fire cart that was pulled by hand and later mounted on a Model-T pickup classic.A better Model-A Ford truck was purchased later. When donations dropped off, care and maintenance of equipment also stopped. When a fire occurred, the truck battery was run down and had to be pulled to start it. A fire district was then formed, and money was then raised through taxes. Better equipment was then purchased.The Fire District was established in 1947 and the first two-stall fire barn was built in 1948. As time went on, the need for larger and more sophisticated equipment required larger quarters.

A new building with four stalls and a meeting room was dedicated in October of 1975. The new fire barn is located at First and County Road 670. Additional features have been added from time to time to update the building. The District has an excellent fleet of fire and rescue equipment along with a snow-mobile.


The members are trained in:

  • Basic Life Support
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Crash Injury Management
  • Fire Fighter Fire Aid
  • Jaws of Life
  • Scuba Diving

Business Meetings

The Raymond Rural Fire District holds regular business meetings at the Raymond Fire Station the 2nd Monday of each month.

They also hold Rural Fire Board business meetings at the Raymond Fire Station the 4th Monday of each month at 8 p.m.

They hold fire training the 2nd Wednesday of each month and medical training the 4th Wednesday of each month.

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The Raymond Rural Fire District sponsors:

  • Fire Prevention Week at the grade schools
  • Halloween treats at the Raymond Fire Station