Consolidation Task Force


  • Ann Post, Chair, Lincoln Independent Business Association
  • Russ Bayer, Data Support Systems
  • Dick Campbell, Campbell's Nursery
  • Mike DeKalb, Former City-County Planner
  • Jan Gauger, Former County Commissioner
  • Dale Gruntorad, Retired Certified Public Accountant
  • James Jeffers, James Arthur Vineyards
  • Larry Lewis, Speece Lewis Engineers
  • Jean Lovell, Retired Lancaster County Judge
  • Amanda McGill, State Senator
  • Larry Melichar, Home Services of America
  • Darl Naumann, Ayars and Ayars
  • W. Don Nelson, Prairie Fire Newspaper


  • Kerry Eagan, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Trish Owen, Deputy Chief of Staff

Miscellaneous Reports