The advanced K-12 facility now existing in Malcolm had rather humble beginnings. The first Malcolm High School building was built in 1917 and had only two rooms. This school opened its door to a full year of school for the first time in 1919 with only 50 students. This school was taught by one teacher and did not enjoy any of the benefits that Malcolm now has to offer.

School Funding

While the school was under-funded, it did provide for its continued prosperity in many ways. During the winter, coal heaters were used to warm the students. The school also attempted to make money using such techniques as operetta performances.


As time progressed, the school slowly added to its curriculum and extra curricular activities. Within just a few years of being established, Malcolm high school had an active liberal arts program that hosted both musical and dramatic performances. Simultaneously, Malcolm became involved in the various sporting events that were currently offered in the surrounding area.

School Reconstructed After Fire

The Malcolm Public School system continued in adding to its resources over the next few decades. Sadly, in 1944, the Malcolm High School facility burned to the ground. Malcolm was without an official school facility until two years later when a new Malcolm High School was completed. This facility remained until 1970 when a library was added to the structure.

Fern Westfall Elementary School

As the town of Malcolm grew, so did the needs of its school system. Early in the 1980s, Malcolm constructed what is now known as the Fern Westfall Elementary School to keep up with these changing needs. This facility is still in use today.

New High School Built

The Malcolm High School complex continued to be used until 1998 when the district passed a bond issue approving construction of a new school facility. This facility was completed early in the 1999 to 2000 school year and is still in use today. The new facility is larger, more complex, and most certainly the most technologically advanced educational resource Malcolm has ever had the pleasure of using.

Sports & Extra Curricular Activities

Malcolm has advanced far beyond its humble beginnings and continues it's long tradition of offering educational excellence. The school offers a full variety of sports ranging from football to cross-country. The school also has an excellent liberal arts program that includes a full band, choir, drama team, and state champion speech team. The school is a member of the East Central Nebraska Conference.