Motorsports Task Force


  • Russ Bayer, Chair
  • Carol Brown
  • Dave Dykmann
  • Randy Harre
  • Gary Juilfs
  • Chris Kingery
  • Karen Kurbis
  • Larry Lewis
  • Greg Osborn
  • Stan Patzel
  • Michael Tavlin


  • Mike DeKalb, Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Department
  • Kerry Eagan, County Chief Administrative Officer
  • Scott Holmes, Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department

  • Jeff Maul, Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Darl Naumann, Lincoln-Lancaster County Economic Development Coordinator

About the Task Force

The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners established the Motorsports Task Force to assist the Board in addressing the complex issues involved with motorsports facilities. The Task Force was asked to address the following issues:

  • Potential demand for motorsports facilities in Lancaster County
  • Economic, fiscal, social and environmental benefits and costs to the community
  • Pros and cons of providing motorsports activities in one general location as opposed to decentralized facilities for a specific motorsport activity
  • Identify and rank the most promising and acceptable locations in Lancaster County for motorsports facilities and/or activities
  • Evaluate and make recommendations on the most appropriate business model for providing new facilities for participants and spectators


  • Resolution R-07-0022 (PDF) - Supporting the Development of Motorsports in Lancaster County
  • Resolution R-07-0061 (PDF) - Change of Zone Number 06065: Text Amendment to the Lancaster County Zoning Resolution, to allow race tracks, drag strips, and motorsports facilities by Special Permit in the Agricultural District (AG).