What happens after a bad check is turned over to Diversion by the merchant?

Not all bad checks can be accepted by Diversion Services for criminal prosecution. Diversion makes an initial assessment of the checks received to determine whether they fit within the legal guidelines of a criminal bad check. Please note that an acceptable check must meet one of the following requirements:

  • ID of the check-writer was taken by the merchant at the time the check was written
  • The person who accepted the check can personally identify the check-writer in court under oath

The County Attorney's Office cannot pursue criminal charges for bad checks if any of the following conditions exist, as these checks cannot be successfully prosecuted under Nebraska bad check statutes:

  • Checks for payment on contracts and lease agreements
  • Checks for which partial payment has been accepted
  • Checks included in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Checks not written or passed in Lancaster County
  • Checks on which a stop payment order has been filed
  • Checks suspected as being forged
  • Checks that do not show payee, date, amount and signature
  • Checks that were accepted as payment on account
  • Checks that were asked to be held when issued
  • Checks that were issued for payment of rent
  • Checks that were post-dated when accepted
  • Two-party checks

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