What is a presentence investigation? Can I talk to the judge myself?

A pre-sentence investigation is, essentially, an inquiry into various aspects of your abuser's life. The results are put together in a report and forwarded to the judge to help the judge decide your abuser's sentence. One of the most important parts of the investigation is the victim impact statement. The probation office will send you a form that contains a series of questions. We encourage you to complete the form and/or attach a letter to the judge.

This is your opportunity to communicate to the judge your feelings and thoughts about the case, your abuser, and what you would like to see for a sentence.  It is important to complete the form or statement quickly and return it as there are sometimes a very short period between the time the abuser is found guilty and when they are sentenced.  If you do not receive a victim impact statement from Probation, please contact our office and we will make sure one is sent to you.

Please Note

Copies of your victim impact statement are not provided to your abuser, however, his or her attorney is entitled to review the statement to know what information the judge is considering, and will discuss the contents with your abuser.  You should always consider your safety first.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the deputy county attorney assigned to your case.

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