I'm a victim of a crime being prosecuted in Juvenile Court. How do I get restitution?

Restitution can be ordered in any case where the victim has suffered a monetary loss. If you are seeking restitution, it would be helpful to contact the law enforcement agency that investigated the crime and advise them of how much restitution is owed. You may also submit written estimates or documentation regarding the cost of repairs for your loss. After the judge has found the juvenile responsible for the offense, the judge will order the Juvenile Probation office to conduct a pre-disposition investigation.

During that investigation, the probation officer will gather information on restitution and may contact you. The County Attorney's Office cannot guarantee that the amount of restitution requested will be ordered by the court or paid by the juvenile. However, at the Disposition hearing, the Court may order the juvenile to pay restitution as part of the disposition. If you have not received full restitution from the juvenile, you may pursue the remedies available to you in small claims court or civil court.

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