How much credit will I receive toward my fines for each day I serve in Jail?

You will receive $90 a day.

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1. Who should I contact if an emergency has occurred and I need to forward the information to an inmate?
2. How can someone who has just been arrested be released without appearing in court?
3. Who determines if an individual can be released on bond prior to appearing in court?
4. Will the Lancaster County Department of Corrections take a personal check?
5. What is the deadline to post a bond for someone who has not appeared in court?
6. What type of situation would require someone to be held for court?
7. How can I find out when someone is scheduled for court?
8. If I post someone's bond, will I receive the refund?
9. When can the bond be refunded?
10. How much of the bond is refunded?
11. May I post surety for a bond so that I do receive the refund?
12. If the inmate would like their bond to be used to pay fines, what should they do?
13. If the inmate is in custody for a District Court case, how can they be released?
14. If someone goes to court, when will the Lancaster County Department of Corrections receive the paperwork?
15. If someone is sentenced to jail to serve a sentence and/or fines, who calculates the release date?
16. How do I receive credit for time served on a case?
17. May I serve several fines at one time?
18. What is the deadline to receive credit for a day?
19. How can I receive Time Payment for a fine and where do I get the forms?
20. How much credit will I receive toward my fines for each day I serve in Jail?
21. Can the Lancaster Corrections Department of Corrections tell me when someone will be released?
22. If I have served my sentence and/or fines, what time will I be released?
23. When and where can I place money on an inmate's account?
24. When can inmates order items from the commissary?
25. When can inmates release money from their accounts to the public?
26. When an individual is released, in what form will his/her inmate account be returned to him/her?
27. What type of property may be brought to an inmate?
28. What type of property is allowed for an inmate with court approved release?
29. If I am sentenced to jail, how do I apply for work release?
30. How do I know if my work release has been approved?
31. If I receive a deferred sentence, when should I report to start serving my sentence?
32. What can cause my work release to be terminated?
33. If I have questions about my work release or any rules, who should I contact?
34. How much are work release costs?
35. If I am serving fines, am I eligible for work release?
36. How old must someone be to visit an inmate?
37. What are the times I can visit?
38. What do I need to visit?
39. How long does a visit last?
40. May I bring my minor children with me to visit?
41. What can I take into a visit with me?
42. What could cause me to lose my visiting privileges?
43. How may I contact an inmate by phone?
44. How can I help provide an inmate with phone minutes?
45. How can I leave a voicemail message for an inmate?
46. May I send mail to an inmate?