What is the Youth Services Center?

We are the youth services facility for Lancaster County. We have both a secure detention facility and a staff secure facility. Youth are classified according to offenses. The more serious offenders are held in secure detention.

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1. Where is the Youth Services Center located?
2. What is the Youth Services Center?
3. My child does not want to do what I tell him / her to do. How can I put my child in the Youth Services Center?
4. My son / daughter continually runs away. Can I have him/her locked up in the Youth Services Center for a while?
5. Am I allowed to visit my child?
6. Does my child attend school while detained at the Youth Services Center?
7. My child needs to pay a fine to get out of the Youth Services Center. Where do I go if I want to pay this?
8. My child has a bond and I want to pay it. What do I do?
9. May I bring clothes in for my child to wear?