What do I need to register my boat trailer?

Boat trailers are not required to be titled in Nebraska so often times the seller will just note the general trailer information on the "Bill-of-Sale" when selling a boat.

If you purchase a boat and trailer, please record the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the trailer on the "Bill-of-Sale" so that we can better locate the previous owners information for the trailer in our system. If the trailer was previously registered in another county, we may not be able to access the information, so please write down the general information for the trailer before coming into our office to register. This should include the trailer manufacturer, number of wheels on the trailer, trailer length, and if it is a "tilt" or "non-tilt" trailer. 

We will also need to know how much weight you wish to register the trailer for. This includes the weight of the trailer and the boat. Trailer weight is registered in 1,000 pound increments.

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