Can I get a refund on my Motor Vehicle Registration?

If you sell, trade, wreck or junk a vehicle, or terminate a lease; keep your pink registration and both license plates (1 plate for trailers) in order to receive a refund. Bring in your plates, registration, and identification to obtain the refund. Failure to bring in the registration and plates may reduce the amount of the refund. Refunds must be obtained within 60 days of a title transfer. 

If sold in the month prior to registration expiration, there is no refund. If you move to another state and re-register your vehicle(s) there, you are also entitled to a refund. In order for us to process the refund you will need to send back the Nebraska license plates and registration (along with a copy of your new states registration) and an address where we may send the refund once it is processed.

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