What kind of training is given?

During the first three days of employment, new staff will receive Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention Training. This training emphasizes recognizing warning signs of agitation and countering it with verbal techniques to decrease the client's level of agitation. This is followed by on-the-job training (shadowing) for a total of 8 shifts. The training of staff will be commensurate with their level of experience.

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1. Why work for the Crisis Center?
2. Who are the clients typically served at the Crisis Center?
3. What duties would I be expected to perform?
4. How does the interview process work?
5. Who works/is hired for employment?
6. What kind of training is given?
7. What are the expectations of an on-call employee?
8. How many hours could I work as an on-call employee?
9. How does an on-call employee get hours?
10. What are the shift hours?