What is not considered a record?

Non-record material, as defined by the Rules and Regulations of the State Records Administrator's Rule 430 Nebraska Administrative Code 5,004, includes:

  • Library or museum material made or acquired and preserved solely for reference or exhibition purposes
  • Extra copies of documents preserved only for convenience or reference
  • Stocks of publications, reproduced documents, or other printed material preserved for supply purposes
  • Extra copies of circulated materials of which official copies have been retained for purposes of record
  • Reading files for follow-up correspondence copies
  • Identical or carbon copies of documents maintained in the same file, including any method of duplication
  • Draft copies or work copies of documents for which the final version has been completed
  • Letters of transmittal that add nothing to the transmitted information
  • Interoffice memoranda
  • Shorthand notes, stenotype tapes, or sound records after they have been transcribed
  • Internal housekeeping materials

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