What should you do when a tornado warning is issued?

Things you should and shouldn't do when there is a tornado warning include:

  • Do not drive. You are safer in a home or basement shelter than in a car.
  • If you are driving in a city and spot a tornado, get out of your car and go to a nearby building immediately.
  • If you are driving in open country, drive at a right angle away from the tornado's path if you can safely do so. Do not try to outrun the storm. If you cannot avoid the tornado, get out of your car. Lie flat in the nearest depression, such as a ditch, culvert or ravine. Protect your head and stay low to the ground,
  • If you have a storm cellar or shelter, go to it immediately with your family. If no shelter is available, go to your basement and get under a heavy workbench or stairs. Do not position yourself directly underneath heavy appliances on the floor above you.
  • If your home has no basement, stay in the center of the house away from the windows or in a small room on the ground floor that is away from outside walls. Take cover under solid furniture or mattresses. Protect your head.
  • In any large building, such as an office or department store, avoid all large, poorly supported roofs. Go to the basement or to an interior hallway on a lower floor.
  • In mobile homes or vehicles, leave and take shelter in a substantial structure. If there is no nearby shelter, lie flat in the nearest ditch or culvert and cover your head with your hands.

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