Will anyone from your office tell me what is happening?

Yes, the domestic violence paralegal will call you and inform you of the charge(s) and the requested bond amount for your abuser. The paralegal will answer any questions that you have at that time.

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1. I was assaulted last night by my spouse/significant other/boyfriend/parent of my child, and the police arrested the person and took him/her to jail. What happens next?
2. Will anyone from your office tell me what is happening?
3. When does my abuser go to court?
4. What does a no-contact bond mean?
5. What is the purpose of the no-contact bond?
6. What if my abuser contacts me while out of jail on a no-contact bond?
7. What can happen if my abuser violates his no-contact bond?
8. If I have questions about my case, who can I talk to?
9. I heard my abuser pled “not guilty” and that the case is now set for trial. What happens next?
10. I don't want to see my abuser again. Is there any way to avoid seeing him/her on the date of the trial?
11. I'm afraid that after I testify my abuser might follow me to my car. What can be done?
12. What if my abuser pleads guilty or, after a trial, is found guilty by a judge or jury?
13. What is a presentence investigation? Can I talk to the judge myself?
14. What can I do to assist in the prosecution of my abuser’s case?
15. How can I get the charges dropped?
16. Do I have to testify? Can’t you just use my statement to the police?
17. How can I protect myself during and/or after the case?
18. What happens if my address or phone number changes?
19. Can you keep my address and/or phone number confidential?