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1. How do I request a court-appointed attorney?
2. I am afraid that if your office pursues a paternity and/or child support obligation, the non-custodial parent may hurt me and/or my child(ren). What should I do?
3. What is the physical address of the Lancaster County Attorney's Office, Child Support Division?
4. What do I do if I received a letter from your office informing me that I owe child support and you could take action against me?
5. The custodial parent/caretaker of my child says (s)he does not want me to pay child support. Why am I being asked to pay child support?
6. I have never requested the services of your office, why am I required to cooperate with your office in establishing an order of paternity and/or child support?
7. I still have questions about my case. Who do I call?