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  1. Ag Land Sale Questionnaire
  2. General Review Questionnaire

    This questionnaire is to ensure property information is up-to-date since our last review.

  3. Permit Review Questionnaire

    This questionnaire is used to review properties that have recently changed.

  4. Valuation Review Request

    Request for property valuation review.

  1. Conservation Reserve Program Questionnaire

    Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Review

  2. New Construction Questionnaire

    This questionnaire is used to ensure that we have all the correct data associated with your new home.

  3. Sale Review Questionnaire

    This questionnaire is used to review the recent sale of your property that may be used as a comparable sale for other properties.

Board of Commissioners

  1. Appointment Application to County Advisory Boards, Commissions and Task Forces

    If you are interested in volunteering please complete the following application. Select as many opportunities that you are interested... More…

  2. Contact Us

    Questions / Comments / Suggestions

  1. Commissioner's Award of Excellence Nomination Form
  2. How Should Lancaster County Spend its ARPA Funding?

Community Corrections

  1. Drug Court Address Change
  2. Drug Court/ISD Information Request

    Form for potential applicants

  3. Sentence Conversion - Weekly Contact Form

    Form is used for weekly check ins.

  1. Drug Court Curfew Extension
  2. Referral Form - Treatment Diversion
  3. Weekly Contact Form

    Weekly Contact Form for participants of the Adult Drug Court to submit court reports.

Emergency Management

  1. Tornado Drill Report Form

    Form to track participation of students, staff and visitors to a safe location during a National Weather Service (NWS) severe weather... More…

Human Services

  1. 2020-2021 JBC Semi-Annual Report Form
  2. 2021 Bridging THE Gap Application
  3. ARPA Application

    Purpose: As outlined in interim final rule section 602(c)(A) & 603 (c) (A) funding through the American Recovery Plan Act will be used... More…

  4. General Assistance Cremation Application

    Cremation Assistance Application for Lancaster County General Assistance

  5. General Assistance Re-Certification Form

    This form should only be submitted if you are currently approved for General Assistance and need to re-certify.

  6. General Assistance Screening Form

    This form will be used as a preliminary application. The full application will still need to be completed either with the assistance of... More…

  7. Juvenile Diversion Agreement Signature
  8. Project RESTORE Agreement Signature
  1. 2020-2021 Juvenile Justice Prevention Fund (JJPF) Semi-Annual Report Form
  2. 2021 Keno HS Prevention Fund Semi-Annual Report

    Semi-Annual Reports are due July 31, 2021 and Jan 31, 2022.

  3. COVID-19 Rental and Utility Assistance Application
  4. General Assistance Healthcare Release Form
  5. General Assistance Required Action to Maintain Eligibility Agreement
  6. General Assistance Worksheet & Case Plan Signature
  7. Leadership Link #517 Membership Application

    Leadership Link #517 Membership Application

Mental Health Crisis Center

  1. Client Access to Records Request

    Please complete the following information in order to obtain your records. A mailing address MUST be complete in order to send the... More…