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Ag Land Sale Questionnaire

  1. Thirteen digit number - e.g. 0214103002000
  2. Name of the person verified
  3. (e.g. 4025552789)
  4. Have any changes been made to the property since the date of the sale?*
  5. Was there non-real (personal) property in the sale?
  6. Was there a trade or exchange (1031) between buyer and seller?*
  7. Were buyer and seller related?*
  8. Was there any prior association between the seller and buyer or with the property (rental, lease, partnership)?*
  9. Does buyer own adjoining property?*
  10. Does the parcel have improvements that were considered in sale price?*
  11. Irrigation type?
  12. Was it irrigated when it sold?
  13. Is the parcel involved in Government programs?*
  14. Is there an existing lease agreement?*
  15. Did the view influence the purchase of this parcel?*
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