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New Construction Questionnaire

  1. Parcel and Owner Information
  2. (The thirteen digit number at the bottom of the door flyer - e.g. 0913204011000)
  3. (This will only be used to contact you with follow up questions if we cannot reach you by phone - e.g.
  4. Sale Information
  5. Lot included in purchase price?*
  6. Realtor sale?*
  7. Private sale?
  8. Built for owner?*
  9. Was there an appraisal done?*
  10. Any work agreements with builder?*
    (e.g. paint, electrical, plumbing - any work completed by yourself that affected the purchase price?)
  11. Any out of pocket expense beyond sale price?*
    (e.g. carpet, counter tops, cabinets, basement finish)
  12. Have you made any property changes since purchase?*
  13. Bath Information
  14. For example, a two fixture bathroom would include a sink and stool, a three fixture bathroom would include a sink, stool, and tub or tub/shower combination.
     How many baths of each type? MUST ENTER AT LEAST ONE BATH TYPE!
  15. (e.g. 2 sinks, stool, separate tub and shower)
  16. (e.g. 2 sinks, stool & shower or tub/shower combo, OR 1 sink, stool, separate tub & shower )
  17. (e.g. sink, stool & shower or tub OR tub/shower combo)
  18. (e.g. sink & stool)
  19. Extra Fixtures?
    (e.g. wet bar sink, laundry sink, garage sink, veggie or prep sink, etc.)
  20. Extra Fixtures?
    (e.g. wet bar sink, laundry sink, garage sink, veggie or prep sink, etc.)
  21. Basement Information
  22. Walkout basement?
  23. Egress basement?
  24. Daylight basement?
  25. Basement percentages MUST equal 100%
  26. Basement finish included in purchase price?*
  27. General Information
  28. Fireplace?*
  29. (Excluding any in basement)
  30. Leave This Blank:

  31. This field is not part of the form submission.