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How Should Lancaster County Spend its ARPA Funding?

  1. Lancaster County is the recipient of approximately $62 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding. As a Lancaster County constituent we would like your feedback on what areas you feel the funding would be most beneficial. Please use the categories below and rank them on a 1-5 scale with one being the most important and five being the least important.  Please Note: You can only choose each number/ranking one time, after you have selected a number it cannot be used again in another category.  The funding categories have been provided to Lancaster County by the federal government and are the only places where the funds can be spent. If you have questions about the ARPA funding please feel free to contact us at:  We thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and priorities with us as we make these important decisions. 

  2. Support Public Health Response: (Includes the following)
    • Services to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 including vaccinations, testing, medical expenses, contact tracing, quarantine costs, etc.
    • Behavioral healthcare services including mental health or substance abuse treatment, crisis intervention services.
    • Payroll and covered benefits for public health, healthcare, human services and public safety staff in relation to the COVID-19 work they do.
  3. Addressing Negative Economic Impacts:
    • Deliver assistance to workers and families including support for unemployed workers, aid to households, survivor benefits for families of COVID-19 victims.
    • Support for small businesses including loans, grants, in-kind or counseling programs.
    • Speed the recovery of impacted industries including tourism, travel and hospitality.
    • Rebuild the public sector capacity by rehiring staff and implementing economic relief programs.
  4. Replace Public Sector Revenue Loss:
    • Ensure continuity of vital government services by filling budget shortfalls
  5. Broadband Infrastructure:
    • Focus on households and businesses without access to broadband and those with connections that do not provide minimally acceptable speeds.
    • Funding projects that deliver reliable service with minimum 100Mbps download/100MBPS upload speeds.
    • Complement broadband investments.
  6. Equity-Focused Services:
    • Provide additional services to address health disparities, invest in housing, address educational disparities and promote early childhood environments.
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