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District Court Clerk Records Request

  1. Please indicate the case type you are requesting:*
  2. Are you with a government agency?*
    If yes, documentation of agency affiliation will be required.
  3. Email or Paper Copy?*
  4. Do you need a Certified Copy? Certification costs begin at $1.00.*
  5. Expect a reply within two business days. Questions? Call 402-441-7238 then press 5.
  6. Email Certification Specifics:
    Email Certified Copies: Recipients must be parties or attorneys on the case. All selected documents will be merged into one PDF with index and bookmarks. Index will contain Certify-Text, Clerk's signature and Seal. Each document in the merged PDF will be marked "Certified Page # of #". Processing will automatically be completed after payment is made.
  7. Paper Certification Specifics:
    If you are requesting paper copies, we will contact you with the cost of your request and arrange payment options. Paper copies are $.25 per page; additional postage fees may apply. Some options may not be available based on your location and the age of the document.
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