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Human Services

  1. 2020 Keno HS Prevention Fund Semi-Annual Report

    Semi-Annual Reports are due July 31, 2020 and Jan 31, 2021.

  2. General Assistance Healthcare Release Form
  3. General Assistance Required Action to Maintain Eligibility Agreement
  4. General Assistance Worksheet & Case Plan Signature
  5. Project RESTORE Agreement Signature
  1. General Assistance Cremation Application

    Cremation Assistance Application for Lancaster County General Assistance

  2. General Assistance Re-Certification Form

    This form should only be submitted if you are currently approved for General Assistance and need to re-certify.

  3. General Assistance Screening Form

    This form will be used as a preliminary application. The full application will still need to be completed either with the assistance of... More…

  4. Juvenile Diversion Agreement Signature