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LSO Concern/Complaint Form

  1. Lancaster County Sheriff Badge and Patch
  2. LSO Concern/Complaint Form

    If you have a concern or would like to make a complaint against an LSO employee, you may do so in person, by phone, in writing, or by submitting the information here.

    You are not required to provide your contact information but it may be helpful to fully resolve your concern or complaint. While all anonymous complaints will be investigated, the investigation of anonymous complaints will necessarily be limited by the reasonable ability to confirm information. Further contact and notifications may also be limited by the reasonable ability to contact you as the complainant.

  3. Please provide any names, badge numbers, or identifying information about LSO employee(s) involved here.

  4. Please provide any further descriptions of the employee(s) involved here.

  5. Please provide the date and time of the incident you're reporting here.

  6. Please provide the address or location of the incident you're reporting here.

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  8. If a citation was issued or an arrest was made, please list the offense.

  9. (If Applicable)

  10. Please provide a summary of your concern or complaint here. If you provided contact information, a supervisor may contact you for additional details or questions.

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