Forms & Permits

  1. Alarm Registration

  2. Animal License Application (PDF)

  3. Apartment Permit (PDF)

  4. Auctioneers License Application (PDF)

  5. Backflow Prevention Program

  6. Backflow Preventer Test Form (PDF)

  7. Cross Connection Survey - Commercial

  8. Cross Connection Survey - Residential

  9. Grade VI Registration Form (PDF)

  10. Variance for Non-Residential Backflow and Bypass Piping

  11. Block Parties

  12. Building Permit (PDF)

  13. Carnival, Fair or Festival Permit (PDF)

  14. Certificate of Compliance Application Form (PDF)

  15. Certificate of Compliance Requirements and Housing Inspections Checklist (PDF)

  16. City & County Employment Application Form

  17. City Advisory Board Application

  18. Claim for Travel Expenditure (PDF)

  19. Consent Form for Minor to Marry (PDF)

  20. Construction Codes Board of Appeals (PDF)

  21. Contract for Engineering Services (PDF)

  22. Contractor Account Application (PDF)

  23. CSST Tubing Installation Application (PDF)

  24. Curb Cut Permit (PDF)

  25. DECO Fireplace/Gaslog Tradesperson Registration (PDF)

  26. Demolition Permit (PDF)

  27. Electrical Permit - Contractor (PDF)

  28. Electrical Permit - Homeowner (PDF)

  29. Electrical Tradesperson Registration (PDF)

  30. Entertainment District Application (PDF)

  31. Explosives or Explosive Material Permit (PDF)

  32. Film Permit (PDF)

  33. Financial Report for Solicitation (PDF)

  34. Fire Alarm System Permit (PDF)

  35. Fire Report Request (PDF)

  36. Fire Sprinkler, Gas Extinguisher, Wet/Dry Chemical Exam App (PDF)

  37. Fire Suppression Apprentice Registration (PDF)

  38. Fire Tradesperson Registration (PDF)

  39. Fireworks Public Display Permit (PDF)

  40. Fireworks Sale Permit (PDF)

  41. Flood Plain Development Permit (PDF)

  42. Food Handler

  43. Formal Ornamental Lighting Petition with Waiver of Damages (PDF)

  44. Formal Paving Petition, with Waiver of Damages (PDF)

  45. Gas Extinguishing System Permit (PDF)

  46. Gas Fitter’s Apprentice Registration (PDF)

  47. Golf Courses Event Application (PDF)

  48. Golf Membership Application, Annual (PDF)

  49. Height Permit (PDF)

  50. Hobbyist Permit Application (PDF)

  51. House Moving Permit (PDF)

  52. Housing Advisory and Appeals Board (PDF)

  53. HVAC Apprentice Registration (PDF)

  54. HVAC Continuing Education Form (PDF)

  55. HVAC Tradesperson Registration (PDF)

  56. Impact Fees

  57. Impact Fees Determination Forms

  58. Low Income, Owner-Occupied Exemption Refund Form

  59. LWS - Water Meter Audit

  60. Lanscape Surety Release (PDF)

  61. Liquefied Petroleum Gas Tanks and Cylinders Permit (PDF)

  62. Local Street Painted Art Application (PDF)

  63. Locksmith License

  64. Logical Rural Address Determination (PDF)

  65. Lottery / Raffle Application (PDF)

  66. Lottery / Raffle Tax Report Form (PDF)

  67. Mechanical Amusement Device Permit and Occasional Tax Paid (PDF)

  68. Mechanical Journeyman Exam Application (PDF)

  69. Mechanical Master Contractor Exam Application (PDF)

  70. Mechanical/Gas Piping Permit (With Homeowner Affidavit) (PDF)

  71. Mechanical/Gas Piping Permit (PDF)

  72. Meter Hood Permit (PDF)

  73. Miscellaneous Fees Permit (PDF)

  74. Mobile Home Court Application (PDF)

  75. Mobile Home Placement and Hook-Up Permit (PDF)

  76. Motor Vehicle Rental Tax Form (PDF)

  77. Nebraska Energy Code Certification (PDF)

  78. Newsrack(s) Permit (PDF)


  80. Development Sites One Acre or Greater

  81. INOI/Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan for Individual Lot

  82. Non-Abutting Water or Sewer Application (PDF)

  83. Non-Emergency Traffic Signal Maintenance Request Form

  84. Operational Permit (PDF)

  85. Outdoor Lighting Standards Certification (PDF)

  86. Over Dimensional Permit Application

  87. Parade Permit (PDF)

  88. Park Shelter and Master Table Reservations (PDF)

  89. Parking Application Forms

  90. Parking Lot Lighting Review (PDF)

  91. Solar PV Residential Requirements for Streamlined Review

  92. Photovoltaic System Checklist (PDF)

  93. Petroleum or Hazardous Substances Tank Permit - Underground (PDF)

  94. Petroleum or Hazardous Substances Tank Permit - Aboveground (PDF)

  95. Pawnbroker's License (PDF)

  96. Planning Application Tracking Service

  97. Planning Commission Appeal to City Council (PDF)

  98. Planning Commission Appeal to County Board (PDF)

  99. Plumbing Apprentice Registration (PDF)

  100. Plumbing Continuing Education Form (PDF)

  101. Plumbing Exam Application (Master/Journeyman) (PDF)

  102. Plumbing Tradesperson Registration (PDF)

  103. Plumbing/Gas Piping/Excavation Permit and Homeowner Affidavit (PDF)

  104. Plumbing/Gas Piping/Excavation Permit - Contractors

  105. Pre-Registration Tax Sale Form

  106. Public Dance, Annually (PDF)

  107. Public Dance, One-Time (PDF)

  108. Public Dance, Teenage Annually (PDF)

  109. Public Dance, Teenage One-Time (PDF)

  110. Pyrotechnic Proximate Audience Display Permit (PDF)

  111. Report A Pothole

  112. Request For Reasonable Accommodation To Housing (PDF)

  113. Review Request Form (PDF)

  114. Roadside Memorial Application (PDF)

  115. Routine Ambulance Application (PDF)

  116. Second Hand Jewelry Permit Application (PDF)

  117. Sidewalk Cafe Permit Application (PDF)

  118. Sidewalk Permit (PDF)

  119. Sidewalk Vendor Permit (PDF)

  120. Sign Contractor Registration (PDF)

  121. Sign Permit (PDF)

  122. Special Designated License, City (PDF)

  123. Special Designated License, County

  124. Special Event Permit - County (PDF)

  125. Special Event Permit, City (PDF)

  126. Sprinkler/Standpipe System Permit (PDF)

  127. StarTran Handi-Van Program Application (PDF)

  128. ADA Description and Eligibility Criteria

  129. Street Address Change Application (PDF)

  130. Street Pole Banner Application Form (PDF)

  131. Street Pole Banner Rules and Regulations (PDF)

  132. Street Use Permit (PDF)

  133. Temporary Food Service Permit (PDF)

  134. Temporary Guide Sign Permit

  135. Tent Permit and Checklist (PDF)

  136. Tobacco License Application, City (PDF)

  137. Tobacco License Application, County

  138. Underground Storage Tanks and/or Piping Closure Permit (PDF)

  139. Vacation of a Street, Alley or Public Road (County) (PDF)

  140. Vending Machine Application (PDF)

  141. Volunteer Application Form (PDF)

  142. Volunteer Work (PDF)

  143. Wastewater Connection Permit Application (PDF)

  144. Water Automatic Bank Pay - Start (PDF)

  145. Water Automatic Bank Pay - Stop (PDF)

  146. Water Service Third Party Notification (PDF)

  147. Water Supply Permit Application (PDF)

  148. Wedding Reservations (PDF)

  149. Weed Complaint Form

  150. Wet/Dry Chemical Extinguishing System Permit (PDF)

  151. Wholesale Vendor - Vending Machine Application (PDF)

  152. Fill-In Form (PDF)