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1. Why has my valuation changed?
2. How does the Assessor’s office evaluate the real estate market?
3. How is my assessed value determined?
4. How do I schedule an informal hearing?
5. I need to discuss my concerns with an appraiser. How do I schedule a telephone hearing?
6. What if my property is assessed higher than I could sell it for?
7. Can I schedule a single telephone hearing for multiple properties I own?
8. How long does a telephone hearing last?
9. How long does the hearing last for each property?
10. What should I prepare for a telephone hearing?
11. How will I know if my value has changed as a result of my submitted information?
12. What if I still disagree with the valuation?
13. What is the role of my assessor in property taxes?
14. Can I leave feedback regarding the customer service in the Assessor’s Office?
15. What does Adjusted Sale Price on the Comparable Sales Report mean?