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1. How is my child support obligation calculated?
2. Where can I get a copy of the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines?
3. Will the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines be used if I live in a different state?
4. How much child support will I be asked to pay if I am incarcerated?
5. What are court costs? How much are they?
6. Where do I pay court costs?
7. Can I have a court-appointed attorney assist me with my case?
8. The mother of my child says she does not want me to pay child support. Why am I still being asked to pay child support?
9. I have never requested the services of your office. Why am I required to cooperate with your office in establishing an order of paternity and/or child support?
10. How much child support will be ordered in my case?
11. I believe the father of my child is living in another State. Will you still do my case?
12. How long does the person responsible for paying child support have to pay the child support?