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1. I was assaulted last night by my spouse/significant other/boyfriend/parent of my child, and the police arrested the person and took him/her to jail. What happens next?
2. Will anyone from your office tell me what is happening?
3. When does my abuser go to court?
4. What does a no-contact bond mean?
5. What is the purpose of the no-contact bond?
6. What if my abuser contacts me while out of jail on a no-contact bond?
7. What can happen if my abuser violates his no-contact bond?
8. If I have questions about my case, who can I talk to?
9. I heard my abuser pled “not guilty” and that the case is now set for trial. What happens next?
10. I don't want to see my abuser again. Is there any way to avoid seeing him/her on the date of the trial?
11. I'm afraid that after I testify my abuser might follow me to my car. What can be done?
12. What if my abuser pleads guilty or, after a trial, is found guilty by a judge or jury?
13. What is a presentence investigation? Can I talk to the judge myself?
14. What can I do to assist in the prosecution of my abuser’s case?
15. How can I get the charges dropped?
16. Do I have to testify? Can’t you just use my statement to the police?
17. How can I protect myself during and/or after the case?
18. What happens if my address or phone number changes?
19. Can you keep my address and/or phone number confidential?