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1. When is a Mental Health Board Petition filed?
2. Who is a mentally ill and dangerous person?
3. What kind of evidence is needed by the County Attorney’s Office?
4. My family member is voluntarily seeking help at the hospital for their mental health needs, but I still think a petition needs to be filed. Will you file one?
5. What if my family member tries to leave the hospital before I think they are ready to?
6. What should I do if I want the County Attorney’s Office to consider filing a petition.
7. I have photographs or voicemails that will help prove the subject is dangerous. What should I do with them?
8. Where can I get the document notarized?
9. What do I do with the affidavit after it is completed?
10. Is this affidavit procedure intended to take the place of emergency protective custody?
11. How long does it take the Deputy County Attorney to review the affidavit and make a filing decision?
12. Will you call me to let me know if you’re going to file a petition?
13. But I’m the person who filled out the affidavit; doesn’t that give me a right to find out if something was filed?
14. What happens if there is sufficient evidence to support a filing?
15. What happens after the subject is served with the petition and warrant?
16. What happens after the evaluations?
17. What happens if the recommendation is to proceed with the petition?
18. When will the commitment hearing be held?
19. What happens at the commitment hearing?
20. How will I know if I need to testify as a witness?
21. I don’t want my family member to be angry at me for testifying. Can I give a sworn statement or send a letter instead?
22. Who represents the subject at these hearings?
23. What is the Mental Health Board’s role in these proceedings.
24. What happens if the Board decides the person is mentally ill and dangerous?
25. Can I find out the board’s decision?
26. Can I attend the commitment hearing?
27. What if the Board finds the evidence insufficient?
28. It’s the weekend and I think my family member is mentally ill and dangerous, what should I do?
29. I called the police and they did not find my family member met the criteria for EPC. They said to send the County Attorney’s Office an affidavit. Will you file a petition?