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1. Where is the Jury Commissioner's office located?
2. Is the Jury Commissioner elected or appointed?
3. What are the qualifications to serve on jury duty?
4. What could disqualify me from jury duty?
5. When and where do I report for jury service?
6. If I am called to report for jury duty where do I park?
7. I'm busy. Why should I serve as a juror?
8. What if I am unable to serve during the timeframe for which I have been summoned?
9. I’m over 70. Must I serve as a juror?
10. What if I am unable to serve due to my health?
11. What if I’m a full time student and am not able to serve?
12. If I have moved out of Lancaster County do I still have to serve as a juror?
13. How do jurors get picked for jury duty?
14. Why do I always get summoned but other people don't?
15. What if I do not speak English?
16. What if I care for a child or an adult?
17. What do I do if I need special accommodations?
18. Will my employer allow me to take time off for jury service?
19. How long will it take for me to get paid?
20. What if I need a statement to show my employer the days I served on jury duty?
21. How long does a trial take?
22. What kinds of trials will I hear?
23. What happens if there is inclement weather?
24. What if I am called as a grand juror?