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1. How much does it cost to get a paper served by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office?
2. I want to get someone out of my house/apartment. How do I evict them?
3. I want to know if a paper I wanted served actually did get served, how can I do that?
4. I got a letter/phone call informing me that I have a distress warrant. What is it? How can I pay it off?
5. What are the upcoming Sheriff’s Sales to be held?
6. I was told to seek a protection order. What is it? Where can I go to get one?
7. How long does it take for a paper to actually get served?
8. I understand the steps of an eviction, but I don’t want to use an attorney. How do I file for an eviction by myself?
9. I need to get an execution on a person/company. What exactly does that entail? How long does it take? Does it cost more than a regular service?